16 September 2011

Patchouili + Hemp + Dark Vanilla

 A while ago I bought a small vial of perfume oil called Banshee Beat from Urban Outfitters on a shopping whim and utterly fell in love with it. It has dark woody vanilla notes, with hints of patchouli and makes me feel like a gypsy whenever I wear it. Apparently it was limited edition and they don't make it anymore, however I did manage  to track down the talented alchemists at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab who created the perfume for UO!

 All in all, I estimate I spent almost two hours navigating around their enchanting site browsing through almost the entire column of perfume collections!  I can't wait to place my first order with them once I figure out what I want to try first, the Mad Tea Party collection madly piqued (heh) my interest, I have to fight the urge to buy everything. How can you resist Alice In Wonderland themed perfumes?!

Photos via girlinlondon + weheartit