09 January 2012


I caught Best Coast, Abe Vigoda, Dunes, and So Many Wizards at the Smell on Saturday for their 14th anniversary celebration. Beth let the crowd sing the rest of Our Deal for her which I thought was kinda rad. Out of all of them I think Dunes ruled the hardest, their music combines all the sounds I am obsessed with at the moment yaknow... like a cocktail of dreamy vocals+ shimmery guitar+ punky beats. I'm kinda feelin the show-goer remorse now cause I wish I recorded their set.

Oversized tiger cardigan, AA thigh highs, vintage Nine West ankle boots, DIY spiked headband

I also went to watch LIL DΞΔTH tonight in dtla at a gypsy haunted house-esque bar that really quite resembled something I might want to live in someday. It was cool and I got to do some sweet dance moves to DEATH TECHNO. Maybe if I had a good camera I could have captured some of it...but too bad.