26 January 2012

When Vegetables Ruled The Earth

I think its really important to de-focus your attention away from the internet and to do and create things that make you really feel alive. I feel like a boiled radish whenever I find myself scrolling away on my laptop in bed for hours at a time, which is kind of ironic because that is the exact thing I am doing right now. So I guess I'm a boiled radish right now.

I think it was after I started listening to The Teenagers that I grew an affinity for kitchy photos of seventies party food like rolled up ham and cheese speared with pastel tooth picks, deviled eggs, boatloads of jell-o, and cheese balls, oh god cheese balls rolled in chopped nuts.

P.S I've always wondered what vegemite tasted like. Just the name 'vegemite' never sounded appealing to me, it always made me thing of olive tapanede(which I hate) for some reason. People rant and rave over it so I guess it must be kind of good?

P.P.S I fricken love vegetables by the way. They're so good. Especially deep fried eggplant. YES.