26 February 2012


Everyone needs a little R+R sometimes. I understand. You understand. I feel like we have something really great growing in our midst since I got all powerdyke and bought two websites in one week you know? Like me typing this out and you reading it. It's intimate. We're practically best friends already. That's why I feel like I'm in a safe buffer zone between us to tell you guys something I've been keeping a secret for years...... I love Paris Hilton's music!! Yes really, I'm not drakin and joshin you. Only her 'Paris' album though--which I received as a gift in the 9th grade.

At first I discredited it for being commercially synthesized bubblegum pop music, but that was before I came to terms with myself to accept and declare that I effing love synthesized bubblegum pop music. Haters gon hate. I kind of let out a shrill shriek of excitement when I found out via Perez Hilton that Paris Hilton was going to be releasing some new 'music' though. She has a new song called Drunk Text and honest to honest I didn't expect it to be so awful. Watch the video here.

Her new song is a far cry from the auto-tuned Gwen Stefani-esque 'Nothing In This World' and 'Screwed.' Everything after the first album just super sucks. I posted the 'Nothing In This World' video below just cause I want y'all to see how much it rules.