27 February 2012

Kathleen Hanna Is My Goddess

"It also made me think about when I was 19 and in school doing photography. I was so nervous about objectifying women’s bodies that I was afraid to have my friends’ bodies in my photographs. I started doing work about objects. In a way, if you don’t grapple with difficult subjects, if women don’t take pictures of other women ever, then we never find other ways of being. If we just say “Capitalism sucks! Fuck it!” you can’t really escape it. We have to find other ways that meets people’s needs that is fair instead of just throwing your hands up in the air and being like, I’m going to spend the rest of my life trying to drop out and be the opposite. When you’re the opposite of something you just totally reinforce it."

-- Kathleen Hanna from her recent interview with Collapse Board

photo: sterogum