22 February 2012

I've morphed into Tacobunny

Hello friends. Look what I found today for a dollar! I feel like I've been waiting my whole life to find this pink sequined bunny mask. Not really but I wear it while I'm playing my guitar and yelling terrible Tacocat covers into my laptop mic.

I've been up to a lot of really cool projects lately. Like doing a coup d'etat on the school magazine and turning it into a respectable publication aka redesigning the entire magazine on indesign. I've never used indesign in my life ever, but that's just a minor hiccup in my plan of action. I tied up my best friend bondage style for a video shoot this weekend (photos will be posted soon) in San Diego and sewed a giant tulle train skirt. I'm also making a bunch of paper flower headbands and headpieces. Gonna go see Ra Ra Riot tomorrow at the El Rey fo free courtesy of Moheak Online Radio and I have to go draw clothes on a chair now so I'll be posting a lot soon!