13 February 2012

No Witchcraft, No Frowning, No Tampons

I had a pleasant weekend. Didn't wear a lot of eyeliner, wore a lot of red lipstick. Went to see my friends spin at low end theory, put in some hours at the bakery, visited my friend's aunt in the hospital, and went to a catholic potluck... which was very interesting indeed.

Whenever I'm with a group of super-extra nice and cordial people it throws me out of my comfort zone and I get really itchy. Did I mention everybody is extra nice and cordial? The owners of house put cozies on the extra rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom.

I feel like I have to be on my 'best' behavior whenever I'm in a religious environment. I mean I had to in order to make a good impression on my friend (who brought me along) cause I luv her so much. Being on my 'best' behavior entails: no profanity, no sexual references, no party references, no gay girl references, no texting, no frowning, no studs, no short skirts, no tampons, no witchcraft, no gypsy shenanigans basically. It's not a big deal though. I find it sort of novel and entertaining to exercise my acting skills every once in a while. The hock of the conversation at the potluck was just cotton candy fluff anyway... sweet, airy, basically nothing. I ate two slices of pizza and had a great time!  I'll talk to y'all soon!


Coco Layne