29 February 2012

PEOPLE | Joellen + Tarte

Meet Joellen--better known as Joellenlove and more recently, the owner of Tarte Vintage. I got a chance to do a quick Q&A with her this week about her new online shop, the art of thrifting, and how to annihilate your evil doppelganger who's after your soul.

What made you want to create Tarte?
It started with my blog shop, then as a tumblr shop. Although a great platform to get my products out there (instant reblogging), tumblr had obvious pitfalls. I realized I had a large enough customer base so I went bigger and better!

Do you run it all by yourself?
I couldn't do what I do alone! While I handle all the styling and online stuff, my bf/bff does all the photography and helps me as a buyer. He also regulates the budget because I'm a bit of a shopaholic. We even have Tarte "meetings" in my room, to his dismay.

How long on average do you spend sourcing for Tarte and where do you look to find pieces? Any thrifting advice?
I try and go to vintage stores (which doesn't take too long) at least 3 or 4 times a week. On weekends I go to flea markets and vintage swap meets, and these usually take a few hours to cover. Advice? Keep an open mind, be patient!, and go through the menswear--you just might find a silk Christian Dior button-up.

Whats one of the coolest places you've ever thrifted?

Definitely estate sales, the ones with full access to all the rooms. I aim for upscale ones in old towns. I once went to a mansion estate sale of a woman who died of old age. All the decor and furniture screamed '70s and her master bedroom had four walk-in closets full of vintage, sellings for 25 cents to 2 bucks a piece.

 What's your favorite blog/fashion blog?
Some of my favorite blogs are actually interior design and food blogs. SimplyBreakfast is definitely my favorite food blog.

What's on your current playlist? 
Kavinsky! Think the movie Drive's soundtrack.

If you had to fight to the death against your evil doppelganger who's after your soul, what weapon would you choose? Note: you can use any weapon ever invented. Laser guns, lightsabers, go nuts.
I would take a bunch of zombies' tampons, dripping with infected blood, and use them as nunchucks.

Tarte Vintage is chock full of rad vintage pieces ranging from studded denim and fringed crop tops (for your inner bad ass!) to peachy pastels blouses and flowing floral skirts. Shop here and don't forget to check out Joellenlove for the rest of her Spring 2012 Lookbook and updates for Tarte Vintage!

photos: joellenlove.com