24 May 2012

Like Me Like He Like She

By John Michael Ferrer

Vintage Dress | Studded Leather Jacket | JC Lanas

These were subsequently snapped last Sunday (err Monday morning) after walking out of the One Eyed Gypsy in downtown LA. I'm wearing my Jeffrey Campbell Lanas and not trying to toot my own horn or anything but I prance around in those 6 inch platforms like a fuckin bosslady executive (*cue Deja Vu by Yeah Yeah Yeahs*). 

I've been up to a lot of things since I've been freed from the grips of school, namely watching Dawsons Creek in bed, eating copious amounts of speculoos, learning how to play bossa nova, running MILKED, designing/creating some kitschy accessories, and catching up on feminist literature. I'm also putting together a couple of posts chronicling the finished product of the shoots I worked on this month so check back soon!

P.S If you don't know what speculoos is you NEED NEED NEED to get on that because its probably the best thing since nutella. Seriously my internet friends, you will thank me.