01 June 2012



By zÿnski

My best friend recently wrote a wonderful and articulate post on body image that shone some light on how people feel it necessary to throw dull insults at each other through backhanded compliments. Telling someone they're "too skinny and they need to eat" is a prime example. 

How many times have you seen someone post a comment like the one above on a photo? It's written with "good" intention because the general consensus in this day and time is pro-skinny. Truth is, it's JUST as hurtful and damaging as calling somebody "too fat." You never see someone veiling a 'fat' comment with good intention. That's because it's common knowledge that calling someone fat is not only a BLATANT attack on their body, it's strikes a sharp chord on their self esteem because it's something they can't control. The former "skinny" comment is just as horrendous and destructive. 

This is really what catalyzed me to write this post. I've been meaning to write a post on body image for eons but never any real driving force.


Fan Bingbing photographed by David Slijper for Vogue China, June 2012

I know its hard to feel attractive when you're constantly surrounded  and comparing yourself with ads and images telling you you aren't *insert adjective* enough. Believe me, I know. But not measuring up to those impossible, airbrushed, and distant images does not and WILL NOT ever make you any less of a person. It's important to remember this: the ONLY reason why you think there is an "ideal" body type is because advertisers are trying to SELL YOU SOMETHING so you can look like what they're showing in the advertisement.  The "perfect" body is a as real as a mirage of an oasis in the desert. 

"Realize that you're never "too skinny" or "too fat" or "too short" or "too tall" or "too ethnic" or "too" ANYTHING. You are you are you are you, and as long as you're healthy and confident, people really have no right to tell you otherwise. Don't let society try to uphold you to their standard of what "attractive" is. "Attractive" is being comfortable in your own skin, and that starts within yourself." (Excerpt from Eugenie's post)

Furthermore, never let anybody pull the 'Ugly' trump card on you, because God forbid you're ugly. It's the quickest way for somebody to shut you up when they don't like what you're trying to say or do. Don't be afraid to speak and have an opinion, dress the way you do, and be the way you are because you DESERVE to have a voice and feel beautiful and attractive (on condition you aren't harming anyone in the process).


Why waste time feeling miserable about your body when you were powerless over deciding what kind of body you were given in the first place? It's a waste of time and you could be doing so many awesome and significant things with all of that wasted time! While we're at it, why don't we stop tearing each other down over appearances? What one person puts on, pierces, tattoos, surgically alters, or leaves au naturale ISN'T HURTING YOU AND PROBABLY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU! Think of all the monumental things we could accomplish if we redirected all of the time we spend pouring over this wild goose chase of the "perfect body" and talking smack into something more worthwhile and meaningful.

Having a positive body image begins with accepting that the body you have is the one you'll have the rest of your life along with moving away from some farfetched idea of what "attractive" is. You aren't a picture in a magazine, you aren't some random "tumblr famous" girl, you aren't your thinspiration and you never will be! You aren't anything or anyone but yourself and that's AMAZING.

So do yourself a favor and rip up your godforsaken "thinspiration + fitspiration" photos, eat what you want, wear what you damn please, paint your face into a gold lion if it makes you happy, and stop calling each other skinny whores and fat bitches! 

Thanks for reading and it's really important to talk about these kind of things SO LETS TALK!



Photos by zynski, Jenny Saville & Glen Luchford, and David Slijper