18 June 2012


I've always dreamed about the day I'd saw the heads off of my barbies to fashion them into a crown to wear on my head. Sort of as a big f*ck you to all of the burgeoning body image issues young girls have to deal with.... and because I just had an insatiable urge to wear barbie heads on my head!

The headband in these pictures are unfinished and only feature the barbie heads. I went home and added some flowers and other kinds of foliage to make it more lush! 

I only took a few instagram photos of the finished headband from when I wore it to the Dripped Fashion Soiree at the Holding Company last Saturday but there are a few snaps of it in the post above this one!

But for now here's a look at the craft day extravaganza I had with my friend Aimee at her abode. 

You have no idea how hard it is to cut through a barbie with an x-acto knife. I bought a baby saw from the hardware store for next time.

Barbie Cookiehead, everyone. 
Everyone, Barbie Cookiehead.

I'll be putting a couple of these headbands into the MILKED shop in a couple of weeks so check back soon for updates and more photos!

Stay Rad and Bad,

Coco ♡

Photos by Aimee Nicolas A