31 January 2013

♀ Magical Hair Wisdom ♀

I am so done with all of these commercials and ads for women's razors and shaving creams. They're selling a 'clean shave' and have all these women ridiculously prancing around after they've finished shaving their legs. As if that's the magic trick to being happy and attractive.

Just so you know, I never shave my legs. Maybe once in a blue moon when I feel like having smooth legs. Otherwise, I just let it grow out. FIGHTING THE PATRIARCHY Y'ALL. Just kidding, but not really. These kind of media messages insult women and place us in a vulnerable place where we feel the need to 'fix' ourselves. The words 'clean shave' imply that anything unshaven is dirty or unhygienic. There isn't anything inherently dirty about having body hair. Love your overgrown brows, love your hairy legs, love your pubic hair, and love the goddamn fuzz on your stomach. It's you, it's real, and you are not disgusting.

Also, on a related but unrelated note-- what is up with all of those commercials with women losing their marbles over yogurt?

Stay RAD + FEM,

Coco Layne

Illustration by BFAilures