05 February 2013


I remember driving up to my house one day and seeing a large group of men working on my roof. I'd just gotten lunch and was about to eat at home but the sight of a large group of masculine cis-gendered men made me think twice about walking into my house. I didn't want them to know where I lived, because I was thinking I was probably going to attract some unwarranted attention. I ended up eating lunch in my car because I didn't want to get cat called walking into my own house. Just thinking about it gave me anxiety but I was angry at the same time. How could the male population make me feel so small and vulnerable for just trying to get in my own house? A group of guys who probably didn't even know I existed made me eat my lunch in the confines of a sweltering minivan! SO NOT COOL. I'd never met any of them and I don't know their life stories at all! They were probably just regular people who were trying to get their jobs done. It's stupid. You guys, rape culture is SO REAL ALL THE TIME. I ended walking into my house twenty minutes later with my bitch face on and a hammer grasped firmly in my hand. I saw them looking at me from behind my sunglasses but I didn't hear a word.

Nowadays, I don't get as outwardly upset over catcalls or sexual harassment anymore. I decided not too long ago, if they are making me feel uncomfortable, do it right back at em. Whenever a male gives me the kind of attention I am not seeking I simply sink my head into my neck (forming a double chin), warp my face into something quite frightening, and start making guttural, throaty noises at them. Freaky as hell, yes; unwarranted behavior, no.

For those who don't know me personally, you'll probably never see me making a derpy face on the interwebs. But if you harass me on the street, god help you I will give you the biggest scare of your life. Weird em' out so much they won't think twice about harassing you again. 

Stay RAD + FEM,

Coco Layne

Photos courtesy of tumblr + Ana Mendieta