14 February 2013


I am currently blogging at you from a top-secret location in Baton Rouge. It's not really top secret but that just sounds cooler than tellling you I'm at my girlfriends place (WE'RE GETTING BURRITOS LATER!! EEH!). I just flew in last night so I haven't been able to be a lame tourist yet, but I'll be here for the next ten days and shenanigans will definitely ensue.

I'm planning to venture out to the grave of Marie Laveau (famed voodoo priestess) and bring her some whiskey because she'll supposedly grant you a wish if you bring her a gift and draw three "x's" on her grave. I'll definitely clue you guys in my travels through elaborate photo and multimedia glitter gif posts, the whole shebang--really.

But for now, Happy Valentines Day y'all! I don't really care if it's a commercial holiday because I have a soft spot for sassy conversation hearts, cheap chocolate, pink glitter, and of course my all time favorite--Nicolas Cage Valentine memes (amongst others). Let me share with you lovelies a couple gems I've collected so far.



 And here's a wiggly cat gif to top it all off!