28 February 2013

PLACES | The Big Easy

Hello my darlings! If you didn't know, I recently spent three lush days soaking in the rich culture of the French Quarter in New Orleans. I've also decided that I'm going to travel to at least two new places every year for as long as I can.

I stayed at my girlfriend's lovely apartment conveniently situated in the heart of the French Quarter, walking distance from the Camilla Grille-- a homey pink diner serving up greasy comfort food by charming men in dapper bow-ties.



I have a strange, strung out relationship with LUSH. I only want to buy things from it in different states and countries but never in my own backyard! I supposed its because I only like wearing perfumes that have a story attached to them. Back when I was in Vancouver I bought a solid of Imogen Rose and it just reminds me of all of the sweet people I met while I was up there. At the LUSH in NOLA, the sales girl had me close my eyes and picture myself in different scenarios while testing out their new Guerilla Perfumes.

 I found the perfect scent, 'The Voice of Reason', a smoky perfume inspired by "the beat generation and the spoken word comes literary figures like; William Burroughs and Neal Cassady and bards like Gil Scott Heron and Leonard Cohen at street corners, basement clubs and claustrophobic coffee shops. With the strong aroma of French Gitane cigarettes and espresso...sandalwood and the tonka bean are major ingredients."

Eating southern comfort food on a precarious balcony is a must!

I tried fried alligator for the first time, and not to be cliche but it really does taste like chicken. (Only chewier!)


It's almost impossible not to fall in love with horse drawn carriages clip clopping along the streets with flowers in their manes, and the perpetual stream of live jazz floating through the air.

 My girlfriend and I moseyed around the French Quarter over the weekend, exploring the voodoo and occult shops. I was especially enamored with Esoterica.


I walked in and felt immediately surrounded by an ominous aura-- not harmful, mostly watchful. It just so happens, the shopkeeper and another unidentified person (witch?) was conjuring up a spell in the backroom on her iPad (modern witch for real)! 
 They were so caught up in their spell,  we weren't even acknowledged coming in or going out of the store. I felt right at home browsing various tinctures and bottles of brew for all kinds of purposes. 


Praying at the alter of Marie Laveau the Voodoo priestess.

This my friends, is a quality shrine.

Stay Rad and Bad,

xoxo Coco Layne