19 March 2013

PLACES | The Big Easy Part II

New Orleans is such a whimsical city! The streets are lined with candy colored gingerbread houses with wrought iron balconies and the air is thick with starlit magic.

There's never a shortage of live street acts and I think the two above really take the cake for NOLA's most attractive duo. 

I even got to snap a photo of their little gypsy baby band manager!

I was so pleased to stumble upon Oh!, the daintiest vintage couture boutique housing a lush collection of gowns and lingerie. It's owned by a sophisticated older woman wearing stylish turtle shell glasses and a thick Cuban accent.

I found the vintage fur coat of my dreams -- a Burberry rabbit from the 1950's. I would have snatched it up in a second if only the price tag wasn't $1,500! Alas, a girl can dream.

 I was lucky enough to have the best tour guide ever, my girlfriend Cristina! She took me to sugar-dusted heaven with beignets at Cafe Du Monde and then led me around the St. Louis Cemetery to visit a Voodoo priestess. (Y'all are welcome to steal this date idea by the way.)

Leisurely sipping on cafe au lait and munching on beignets while people watching is the ideal way to start your day in the French Quarter. 

These mermen were pretty much hanging in every seedy little tourist shop and confused me a lot. I slightly regret not bringing any back home.


Marie Laveau, Marie Laveau.
Voodoo priestess of the bayou.
I drew three X's with a nude Revlon lipstick and made a wish. 


All in all... This was an amazing vacation. I already miss snapping photos in Jackson Square and looking at all of the awful art, walking along the waterfront, aggressively yelling nice compliments at passersby from balconies, and most importantly, lazing about in Cristina's loft apartment while snacking on craw taters.

Until next time!

Stay Rad and Bad,