15 July 2014

black is better

Vince Moto Jacket, One Teaspoon Cutoffs,  Zara Boots

 I've been consciously and subconsciously experimenting with wearing black 90% of the time these past few months. Black is the immaculate combination of every color at once, never changing it's identity in any way. Wearing all black clothing makes you the ultimate chameleon because it's appropriate to wear in any situation. Black refrains from making a giant splash, yet doesn't waver in stating your presence. This #noirfest may or may not be permanent, only time can tell. Until then, enjoy all the black on black attire you can handle! I'm wearing my most recent purchase, a leather moto jacket from Vince. What can I say? I'm a real sucker for matte black hardware and supple lambskin leather. 

Photos by Jeff F