29 July 2014

how to be a green goddess

Most people do the whole "get up in the morning and do things until nightfall and go to sleep thing" while I'm over here barely rolling out of bed at noon and not getting to bed until sunrise. My life is productive, I swear! I just have the most unorthodox living schedule that all seems to work out for me just fine. 
*Disclaimer: I've only been doing what I've been doing for the past two months I've been living in California, because I'm technically on vacation. 

My day usually goes like this: 

+Wake up everyday around noonish and check my emails/messages. 

+Drink at least three mason jars of room temperature water--so good for you, do it!

+Make myself a gigantic green goddess smoothie (RECIPE BELOW)

+Do daytime activities--see friends, meet clients, make phone calls, run errands, shoot etc.

+I usually make it home around 1 am, sometimes earlier.

+Make myself another smoothie or kickass vegan chocolate avocado ice cream, if I'm feeling indulgent. 

+At about 2 or 3am I throw on a sports bra and do yoga in my non air-conditioned house. I like to look at the sunny side of things so according to me, this is free hot yoga. Hot yoga studio: 0 Me: 1

+I'll wrap up my night by working on my laptop until the sun comes up then finally go to sleep.

Believe me, I really wish I could be a morning person. I seethe envy at y'all who just cartwheel out of bed at dawn and get your lives going real early, but I guess you just gotta roll with what works for you, right? 

One thing that makes it possible for me to have this ridiculous schedule is, having a schedule! Living a crazy, wild, Lana Del Rey life is dreamy and all, but not practical. I'm a grown ass woman wrangling a life together. I need some vestige of structure in my life, and I've found it in green smoothies. It's awfully, comically, Californian of me to say, but I have to have a green smoothie every single day or else my life force WILL fizzle out. Haven't you seen my #everythingieatisgreen on insta?

 Thats why I want to share my recipe for a green goddess smoothie with you, because you too can be a green goddess!

What you need:
  • Two generous handfuls of packed kale or any dark leafy green
  • Half of a small lemon (the entire thing peel and all)
  • A couple sprigs of mint or parsley or both!
  • A quarter of a green apple
  • A quarter of a ripe avocado
  • Cucumber
  • A couple of almonds
  • One cup of nut milk, green tea, or water
  • A tablespoon of stevia or a whole frozen banana if you can have sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of golden flaxseed
  • 1 teaspoon of chia seeds
  • Half an inch of fresh ginger
  • Ice
Just throw it all into a blender for a minute or two.
I like to top mine with goji berries.

You are the master of your own universe and can add/omit whatever makes you feel like your best green goddess! Drinking these everyday has helped my eczema clear up and gives me a ton of energy. If you do end up trying out your own versions of this don't hesitate in sending me an email at contact@lolitabandita.co! I'd love to know what makes your green goddess smoothies!