22 July 2014

light | dark

Kill City Blazer, Bailey 44 Top

In darkness you can always find light.
I ask the universe for love and kindness and promise to show the same love and kindness to everything in the universe at least three times a day. It constantly crosses my mind and is a great mental pick-me-up whenever I'm not having the greatest day. I am very much aware of negativity in the spaces I am in, and like to deflect this negativity by visualizing a golden light of positivity around me that keeps me safe from soul-sucking energies. I've been honing my skills to sniff out and snuff out the toxic people, relationships, and friendships in tangible and intangible spaces.

Here's a list of measures I take to illuminate the darkness in my life:

• I try to limit my exposure to the news, because for me its a continuous host of negative energy.

• As I've said in one of my previous posts, don't hang out with people who make you feel bad!

• Unfriend/unfollow people who you feel push their negativity onto the internet, and consequently, you. Don't feel obligated to keep them around if they're beginning to affect you. You're in control of your internet experience honey boo boo.

• Download Adblocker and comment blocker for your browser if you haven't already; trust me on this one, it will change your life!

• Conduct a cleansing ritual/smudging. I'll be posting a guide later this week!

All that being said, sometimes I'll throw in a pop of light into an all black outfit. In this case, the light has taken form in the Bailey44 mesh leather crop tank I wore under a Kill City blazer. This is the newest addition to my black blazer collection and probably my favorite. I wear it fairly regularly now because of the structured shoulders and leather paneling--definitely my cup of tea.