04 August 2014

It's just another Makeout monday

I think it's completely appropriate to kick off the week with making out in mind. It's the last stretch of summer and I dearly, deeply hope and wish that all of you have been spending your time making out with babes. Consider me your ultimate pro-kissing friend. Go on and have that dance floor make out! I'll be standing by with chapstick and mouthwash. Not literally, but really; kiss all the babes you know! Just as long as they want to kiss you too--because consent is always required. (Duh!)

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What I have for you today is my tried and true guide for you to woo your boo into the best make out sesh ever.

First you gotta lure 'em in with soft lips courtesy of my favorite lip balms. 

1. Carmex $1.49
2. Smith's Rosebud Salve $6
3. Sugar Advanced Therapy $25

You wanna smell amazing so you'll be able to cast a spell on whoever you're macking on. They'll automatically tie in dreamy memories of kissing you with your scent and will be thinking of you every single time they smell your scent, even when you're not there!
 If thats not magical I don't know what is.

1. The Voice Of Reason by Lush (Currently unavailable but still one of my favorites) Similar here
2. Tom Ford Black Orchid $112
3. TOKYOMILK DARK Destiny No. 79 $22

Now you just need the perfect playlist to set the mood. 
Curating the perfect selection of tunes to tongue wrestle to has always been a hobby of mine.  

The last and importantly vital step is to bring along your good vibes! If you're feelin' it and they're feelin' it, congrats! You've got the makings of a great make out session. That's all there is to it. What are you waiting for? Go get 'em tiger!

 Got any juicy make out tips? 
Let me know by sending me some love at contact@lolitabandita.co!