08 August 2014

lavender playground

I've had my blonde tresses for nearly three years now. My hair has been bleached so much it's literally dyed/died and is now living comfortably in pastel heaven. I'm the type of girl who will walk into a salon and tell the stylist, "Do whatever you want," because the truth is, I'm not that attached to the literal strands of my hair! 

I'll even tell you a secret--I often daydream about one day shaving my entire head.

 I'd been pining for some color for a while when Eugenie introduced me to the wonderful people at Toni & Guy Academy in Costa Mesa. All the stylists and students are incredible! Its a sweet spot to get salon work done if you're a babe on a budget. They were kind enough to help me achieve the mystical unicorn hair status seen above with four hours, three stylists (consisting of Lupita, a student, and two of her awesome instructors), two different Pravana dyes, and one pair of hair clippers. I honestly have never been more pleased with a dye job before. They really worked some magic! The only downside to having bubblegum locks is the pink washes out quite quickly, as with most pastel hair dyes. The purple roots, however, did last a significantly longer time.

Having my hair worked on by three different people at the same time made me realize that my head is one gigantic playground. I'm completely open to have these 11 inches of hair dyed, snipped, and sheared by others all for the sake of fun and fluidity. If you haven't heard, I'm all about expressing gender through hairstyles. Now that I'm back New York, I'm due for a color and cut.
Are any of you NY hair stylists itching to take a swing at playing with my hair?
 Let me know what you're thinkin' with an email!

Photos by David Choi