23 September 2014

As Above, So Below

I know it's Tuesday but I'm still reminiscing on the amazing weekend I had. Click through the break to read some of the soul soothin' things I did that put me in a happy place for tonight's new moon.

Photos by Kelly Kai

It was one of those weekends where all the best people and situations fall right into place, heres a list for a happy weekend with me:

- Ate at my favorite fried chicken place on St. Marks with old friends I really love.
- Bought fluffy new pillows for my bed.
- Dropped into DISCWOMAN to hang with babes and support female DJs.
- Had the most amazing brunch from The Rabbithole in Williamsburg. (Their maple bacon is insanely delicious!)
- Platonic baths with bath bombs, candles, and your best friends is always a good idea.
-Tayler and I threw our first dinner party!
-Got a tattoo I've been wanting for YEARS courtesy of Ash at the Magic Cobra Tattoo Society. I've been sitting on this tattoo for so long because I've been waiting for the right artist to drop into my life. I was just tagging along with Tayler to her appointment and ended up falling in love with Ash's work. The idea of getting a tattoo during the waning moon is romantic to me because it's a symbolic seal for the new moon; as it heals, everything else in life will heal alongside it.

Which brings me to the new moon, it's happening tonight! This means today is the day you can begin letting go of the things that don't serve you anymore and begin focusing on creating positive change in yourself. The Libra moon is especially great for destroying any negative subconscious patterns like anger, pride, greed or envy. If you were looking for a sign, this is it! I delight in this monthly purging of unnecessary baggage because it clears room to really focus on my real intentions in life-like taking over the world and eating chicken wings. This monthly mental cleansing ritual is basically like emptying out your bag, throwing all the trash away, and neatly putting the things you actually need back in it. It's really important to reassess the components in your life every once in a while because when you're really deep in something, it's really hard to realize how it could be adversely affecting you. If you're not functioning the way you're supposed to, chaotic energy begins to rack up everywhere. Taking care of yourself means you're taking care of everything else around you, so treat yo self!

Outfit details:
Wildfang snapback
Doc Marten Boots
Vintage foil bomber (similar here)
Seven For All Mankind Denim