16 September 2014

By The Pier

I've had kimonos sitting in my closet forever but I never really felt the urge to wear one until a year ago. I trace the point of origin to this past summer when I had to adapt my usual all black all leather everything outfits to match the California sun. 

 If you didn't know, it's virtually impossible to wear leather jackets in the heat of the LA summer. It was a subconscious move for my survival because wearing a bright printed cape gave me the same type of protective power I feel when I wear a leather jacket. I dress for necessity and for power. This outfit makes me feel like an exclamation point.

Also, I don't know about you, but I'm definitely feeling the aftermath of the full moon we had last Monday. This week has been especially crazy busy, the saying that 'everybody in New York has like five jobs' is totally steeped in reality. I wasn't surprised when my horoscope reading for the week told me to"slow the fuck down." Chani Nicholas totally gets me, her readings are almost always in line with whats going on in my life. Thanks for doling out the super relatable wisdom, girl. I literally wrote "RELAX AND HAVE FUN" on the top of my weekly to do list in black marker last night and I intend to stick to it. Anyone up for coffee and reading by the pier? 

Look details:
ASOS Bralette (similar here)
Vintage kimono (similar here, here, and here), 
Zara Sandals (similar here and here)

Photos by Janice Thi Tran