08 September 2014

The Plastics

Tayler snapped these on the terrace of the Standard the day of the Chromat S/S 2015 show, which featured the best cast of models I've ever seen.

UNIF Vapor Moto, Dakota Collective leather skirt, Bailey 44 top, Patent ankle boots (similar here), Zero UV Sunnies, Zana Bayne Collar

I found myself fawning over the entire lineup which included not one, but three plus sized models, models of color, and a dose of androgyny. I am extremely honored and excited to begin interning with them this week because our design philosophies mesh so well together. Becca (Chromat's founder/head designer) and Christine (creative director and head of Witches of Bushwick) are the ultimate power dream team. They both inspire me so much and do an incredible job of ensuring diversity and the visibility of all types of people. The basis of my design agenda this year is to basically begin creating genderless accessories for all types of bodies. The more we move towards representing a diverse range of bodies and identities in fashion, the more the womenswear/menswear dynamic of fashion will get washed out. 

On another note, yes I am crazy and wearing an all plastic/leather outfit during the most humid/hot week of September. I’m actually comforted by humid grey heat because it’s like Mother Nature is giving me a hug, and/or like being in the womb again. Just kidding, but I know the reason I really am attached to it is because it reminds me of the weather in the South. I fell in love with a girl for the first time in New Orleans and so I find a little comfort in discomfort. On one hand, leather can create comfort in the form of a protective leather jacket or can totally expose a la Zana Bayne leather harness. Wearing leather and plastic is basically a clusterfuck of contradictions, which I'm all about. 

P.S I'll also be releasing a zine I've been working on called 'Daddy Issues' at Zines at Molasses Books this Sunday. I'd love to meet some of you, so swing by and pick up a copy!

Photos by Tayler Smith