14 October 2014

dream girl in a dream world

Dreams aren't just fluffy, fleeting thoughts--they're real live living breathing entities that need to be fed and nurtured. They're hard to care for and the best ones make you the most uncomfortable, but I love to be uncomfortable. 

Photos by Kelly Kai

 I deliberately place myself in uncomfortable situations for short periods of time because I look forward to emerging with more power and knowledge than I had before. My Youtube yoga instructor, Sadie, lovingly reminds me from my laptop that "Growth emerges from discomfort." This isn't hard to believe while holding a standing split in the middle of a morning yoga sesh together. Sometimes you feel really shitty because things are hard or not going the way you planned. It's OKAY. In the darkest hour you just gotta cope and remind yourself that theres a lot of positivity to be fleshed out of discomfort. This sentiment sauntered back into my mind space this weekend when one of my old friends from LA was staying with me.

You know when you reconnect with somebody after a long time and get to know them all over again? My friend spilled and told me all of her current goals and dreams and it was such a humbling series of conversations.  I felt so honored to be privy to the magical realm where people's dreams are alive and kicking. Witnessing these dreams claw and ascend into reality is an unparalleled experience.  Long story short, she currently lives in Texas and there aren't many like minded people with burgeoning ambitions like hers. An alarming population of dream killers roam her streets. She's finally over it and moving here in the Spring to take what is hers in the world. I could not be prouder and take full responsibility for being a catalyst in her decision to 'make the move'. When discomfort pushes you to a point where you need to do something drastic, the Universe will bestow a windfall of knowledge and growth upon you. If you hate your life and want to do more, you sure as hell can. The place you dream is equally important as the place your dreams are made. The only thing stopping you from manifesting your dreamworld is you. The barrier between my dream world and real world gets more and more transparent the longer I live in New York. So find to the place where your barrier is the thinnest. You'll grow immensely there, I promise. 

Outfit details:
Vapor Moto by UNIF
Leather top handmade by yours truly
Ankle boots by Zara