31 October 2014


Happy Halloween my dear Witches. 

Photos by Kelly Kai

I love long subway rides because it gives me time to be alone with my thoughts. The idea of barreling through the earth at 40mph and cropping up all this energy is excruciatingly romantic to me. I was sitting on the train yesterday staring at an ad for a witch costume clad in a green face, warts, and a flimsy pointed hat. It really got me musing about witches past. All of the transgressions towards witches in the past were actually all thinly veiled acts of misogyny. They were retaliations to the fact that these women that were labeled as witches had power and agency in themselves. Self awareness, sexual agency, agency in your own identity, and self command are qualities that shake the patriarchal structure. These are deeply rooted power dynamics that are too lengthy to unpack today, but understand that these acts towards witches were blatant acts of hatred and violence towards women. 

The patriarchy is scared shitless of women who have any sort of power, let alone power that comes from a source they don't have direct access to. One of my life goals is to cut down the patriarchy, so my contribution to breaking it down is by racking up as much power as possible and making myself a knife-- sharp in the mind and sharp in spirit. 

Witches are hardcore feminists. Witches draw their power from themselves and each other. It's never a competition.
It takes a lot of reflection and time to build a stable power source. Centering through meditation, yoga, reflection, and knowing your innermost self is crucial. Theres a very delicate formula of constant re-evaluation, banishing of self doubt, and faith in the universe that make up this regenerative source of power to fuel your dreams and manifestations. You can also draw immense amounts of power from the people closest to you. 

So I implore you to find your coven, let your sisters sharpen your blade, and cut your way to your dreams.

Outfit details:
Dress by BB Dakota
Shoes by Dolce Vita