30 October 2014


Believe it or not, an eyepatch is one of my closet essentials.

Photos by Kelly Kai

I bought this one last year when I had to go to Tayler and Arabelle's Most Important Ugly exhibit. I woke up that day with a wicked case of conjunctivitis because I was a fool and fell asleep with my contacts in. In any other case I would have just worn my glasses but I couldn't very damn well show up to an exhibit about makeup with no make up on! I had to improvise. I ran out to Duane Reade and bought this $4 eyepatch, popped a contact in my right eye only (my optometrist would probably kill me if she was reading this), and made my way downtown walking fast, faces passed, but I couldn't see like half of them. 

Anyway, it's super convenient to have it on handy for a quick costume. I broke  out the ol' eyepatch on Tuesday night and dressed up as a Villainess to the Witches x Factory Girls Halloween party at Tandem Bar. It's pretty fun to barrel down the street looking like you just assassinated somebody. Recreate my look with a structured blazer, high waisted black jeans, a leather choker, and a good bra (mine is from True & Company and you can get $25 off with this link!). Slick back your hair into a high ponytail and go extra dark on your brows!

Outfit Details:
Bardot Bra by True & Company
Disco Pants by American Apparel 
Leather Harness by Zana Bayne
Blazer by Kill City Jeans