15 November 2014

The Invisible Boy

Sometimes, you just want to be invisible. 

Photos by Eugenie Grey

I pull on slouchy black jeans, lace up my docs, and throw on my beloved leather jacket over an oversized t-shirt at least three times a week. I feel invisible in this outfit and I am intentionally, deliberately doing so. I'm not really interested in making a splash during daylight hours when I'm working. Nobody bothers me when I wear this outfit, it's great. I feel virtually invisible. Invisibility is both a state of mind and mindfulness of your physical presence. Living in New York is unpredictable chaos. You can't control whats happening around you, but you can control how you absorb and react to the chaos. Whenever I feel like I need an extra boost or two to help me get from point A to point B I repeat the following to myself: 

I'm invisible to harm and visible to those who won't harm. 

You can also do this while holding onto your go-to crystal. I personally prefer a nice piece of amethyst quartz.