20 November 2014


An augmented oxford shirt, tailored to my liking.

Photos by Kelly Kai

I tend to steer away from any form fitting or tight pieces of clothing on my upper body – with the exception of harnesses and cages, of course. Over the past few years I've purged all of the tight t-shirts, tank tops, from my wardrobe. I don't like the way fabric feels when its pulled taught against my skin because I need room to breathe up here! Everything in my closet is deliberately placed and serves a purpose for me. In order to gain admission to my closet, a garment has to be one or a combination of the following: functional, well made, a certain kind of weird, leather, #veryrare, or beautifully designed. 

White clothing is a rare commodity in my closet, so I designed and made this apron top out of sheer wardrobe necessity. It's essentially an augmented oxford shirt made out of a heavy cotton twill and stays on the body with one button at the base of the neck. I love clothing that's able to peel off the body at a moments notice, hence the open back. I also placed a button placket going across the front that can open and close at the wearer's will. I like to style this top with a strappy bra underneath and leave the front placket open.