17 December 2014


How to create your own crystal grid to charge your lingerie and enhance your intentions. Read on after the jump!

I'm constantly drawing parallels between how intention and lingerie are so closely linked. Putting on lingerie has always been very sacred and to me, basically ritual. I wear it completely for myself and its one of the few garments I actually enjoy indulging in. The collection of black bras hanging on my closet door has turned into a literal black hole of power. Power because I feel like my best self in black bras and I have the complete control over my lingerie experience. Just think about it, you can parade around all day feeling so amazing in a beautiful lingerie set and just relish in know how amazing you look. Nobody ever even has to know unless you want them too! Its one of my favorite ways to manifest self love. The harness above was inspired by the geometric arrangements of crystal energy grids in healing work and made by yours truly. Each of the spaces is a space to be filled by a stone and in turn, the harness is charged with intention. A group of crystals arranged in a certain way can direct a larger flow of energy to help enhance your intentions. Placing a bra into the grid is a way you can take that intention and keep it close all day long. See the attached guide below to charging lingerie with your own crystal energy grids! 

1. Decide on your intention for the grid. Figuring out what you want to accomplish is crucial for charging the stones energy!

2. Write your intention down on a piece of paper. 
My recent favorites have been:
I welcome success into all areas of my life.
I am deliberate and afraid of nothing. 
I walk in circles of gleaming light. 

3. Find a quiet space to create your grid. Cleanse the space by burning some sage or incense, lighting candles, and/or playing music

4. Lay a bra or harness down as flat as you can. Place your secondary crystals in a geometric layout down.  Here's a crystal grid board for your inspiration viewing pleasure. 

5. Charge the master crystal with your intention and place it in the grid. 

6. Take a few moments to breathe and center yourself. Visualize your intention as if it has already happened and that you are reflecting back on it in gratitude. 

7. Put on your bra or harness and slay the rest of your day.

Photos by Tayler Smith 
Styling by Me