05 December 2014


Everything I do, I do for the girls. 

Photos by Kelly Kai

Hi, it's been a hot minute. These past two weeks have been killer for me work-wise, but its okay because I've gotten a lot of time to myself to think – deeply and fully. It's really luxurious and romantic to let things marinate around in your head. To just relish in the comfort of your own mind is something I think a lot of us take for granted.  When I'm on the subway I zone out, but not absentmindedly. Imagine your mind is a deep sea that goes on forever and theres a fish swimming around. The fish is your stream of consciousness and you have to let the fish have enough room to swim around in in order to get to your best ideas. The more I zone out on the train, the deeper the sea gets and the more clarity I find. I've been musing a lot about why I do the things I do, and what would be left if you whittled me down to the core. 

So whats at the core? 
Girls. I live and die for them. The more I surround myself with powerful women, the more I realize how damn important it is to support each other. It's all about girls looking out for other girls, for the sake of all girls. Simple as that. Girls bringing each other up, nurturing your girls, protecting your girls. 

And I don't mean girls as in just cis* women either. I mean girls as in anybody who says they identify as a women regardless of their body. It doesn't hurt you in any way to be supportive of other girls. All girl hate must be abolished at all costs. How are we all supposed to rise and become powerful and have agency in ourselves as individuals when we're busy calling each other basic bitches and slut-shaming each other? Theres a reason"Boy's Clubs" exist. Men get it. They know that banding together and supporting each other will bring them up and give them power. This is exactly why the patriarchy is built to make women feel like they need to adhere to a certain standard of existence. Pitting women against each other is what keeps the cogs of the patriarchal wheel turning. When girls compete with each other, get jealous, and talk shit – we're playing by the rules of the patriarchy and its keeping us from doing some seriously amazing things. 

Nobody is ever better than anybody else. Banish the notion of being 'better' than somebody else completely. Everybody's dreams and desires are completely valid and valuable as long as it doesn't cause harm. Which means you can do anything, as long as you don't hurt anybody, or yourself in the process. The possibilities are endless. Your dreams have nothing to do with the girl you compare your life to. Its impossible to get to your end goal when you're busy focusing on somebody else's life. Instead of being jealous of another girl, let them inspire you to be better. When a girl does something great, let them know how proud you are of them and vow to make them proud of you! If you see a girl who needs help with their goal, help them if you can! If a girl says something problematic, try to let them know in a friendly and informative way, instead of belittling them for being ignorant. Not knowing things is OKAY. It's never too late to learn anything about anything and educate yourself, because knowledge is seriously power.