19 February 2015


Do what you think is dope and the universe will mold itself to you.

 I was laying in bed last night just recollecting everything that happened since Kelly and I took these pictures back in LA in December. The last few months have been a complete blur to me, but a productive blur nevertheless. I've been busy as hell, my hair is dark now, and I'm happiest I've ever been in my life. My best friend told me to edit down my life based on the question "Does this make me happy and bring me joy?" It's a very humbling question because your own joy is so interconnected with the energies of the people around you.  If you're unhappy doing shit that you're doing, that energy carries over into everything else in your life. Don't compromise what you feel like you should be doing because of fear or out of obligation. Do the things that only you can do, and do them well. The universe will mold itself to your presence. 

Photos by Kelly Kai