29 April 2015

Enter The Sphere

Enter The Sphere is a photo series shot by Tayler Smith featuring garments constructed and conceptualized by yours truly. 

The dress has 87 individual pieces and shibari inspired lacing on the back. It was created by draping fabric on a stack of cardboard boxes to create the geometric points and angles. 

The jeans are my favorite of this series and my favorite jeans in general because I designed them with real life struggles in mind. I hate using hand dryers in bathrooms. Yes, I am a jerk who likes to waste paper towels instead of letting 'em air dry because paper towels actually dry your damn hands. Hand dryers are the worst because they blow all the gross bathroom air straight into my face at full blast and don't get the job done. Hand dryers have ONE job, and most of them do it so poorly I always end up wiping my hands on my jeans. These jeans have a terry cloth section on the butt so after you wash your hands or touch freshly spritzed leafy greens in the grocery store (as I often do) you can dry your hands by wiping them on a fluffy towel. 

The striped coat in the last photo was made from a duvet. It's never seen the light of day because it feels like I'm wrapped in a cloud when it's on. I refuse to take it out of my house for fear of falling into the comfiest coma on the train. As for the eyepatch, y'all know I'm a huge fan of eyepatches. This one is made out of some leftover leather and elastic. 

Photos by Tayler Smith
Clothes + Makeup by Me