16 September 2014

By The Pier

I've had kimonos sitting in my closet forever but I never really felt the urge to wear one until a year ago. I trace the point of origin to this past summer when I had to adapt my usual all black all leather everything outfits to match the California sun. 

14 September 2014


Daddy Issues is finally here! It's been a project of mine that I've been passive aggressively sitting on and cooped up for almost a year now. 

11 September 2014

dragon queen

As you probably already know, I'm a huge fan of leather. It's magical, powerful, and transformational. 

08 September 2014

The Plastics

Tayler snapped these on the terrace of the Standard the day of the Chromat S/S 2015 show, which featured the best cast of models I've ever seen.

01 September 2014

angel stone

I've always been extremely attracted to spaces with high vantage points. Think rooftops, fire escapes, and bridges. Luckily for me, there's no shortage of good rooftops in Bushwick. Maybe there is more angelic energy swirling around in high spaces but theres something extremely cathartic about collecting my thoughts from a elevated point of view.