29 July 2014

how to be a green goddess

Most people do the whole "get up in the morning and do things until nightfall and go to sleep thing" while I'm over here barely rolling out of bed at noon and not getting to bed until sunrise. My life is productive, I swear! I just have the most unorthodox living schedule that all seems to work out for me just fine. 
*Disclaimer: I've only been doing what I've been doing for the past two months I've been living in California, because I'm technically on vacation. 

My day usually goes like this: 

+Wake up everyday around noonish and check my emails/messages. 

+Drink at least three mason jars of room temperature water--so good for you, do it!

+Make myself a gigantic green goddess smoothie (RECIPE BELOW)

+Do daytime activities--see friends, meet clients, make phone calls, run errands, shoot etc.

+I usually make it home around 1 am, sometimes earlier.

+Make myself another smoothie or kickass vegan chocolate avocado ice cream, if I'm feeling indulgent. 

+At about 2 or 3am I throw on a sports bra and do yoga in my non air-conditioned house. I like to look at the sunny side of things so according to me, this is free hot yoga. Hot yoga studio: 0 Me: 1

+I'll wrap up my night by working on my laptop until the sun comes up then finally go to sleep.

Believe me, I really wish I could be a morning person. I seethe envy at y'all who just cartwheel out of bed at dawn and get your lives going real early, but I guess you just gotta roll with what works for you, right? 

One thing that makes it possible for me to have this ridiculous schedule is, having a schedule! Living a crazy, wild, Lana Del Rey life is dreamy and all, but not practical. I'm a grown ass woman wrangling a life together. I need some vestige of structure in my life, and I've found it in green smoothies. It's awfully, comically, Californian of me to say, but I have to have a green smoothie every single day or else my life force WILL fizzle out. Haven't you seen my #everythingieatisgreen on insta?

 Thats why I want to share my recipe for a green goddess smoothie with you, because you too can be a green goddess!

27 July 2014

banshee beat

It's crazy how when you spend a certain amount of time somewhere, your physical presentation somehow ends up reflecting your location. I've been hanging out in LA for almost two months now and have inevitably begun draping myself in all things boho--see the fringe kimono, gold body chain, and maxi skirt above. I've also begun consuming copious amounts of green smoothies, kale salads, and $20 SUPERFOOD ICE CREAM. I feel so Los Angeles it hurts--but it hurts so good, like the day after a hot yoga session. I guess I really am a California girl at heart.

Photos by Aimee Nicolas

26 July 2014

Banishing Bad Vibes: A Cleansing Ritual Guide

Today I'm going to give you a no-frills guide to a cleansing ritual for your space: smudging. In the simplest of terms, it basically all boils down to wrapping up a bundle of dried herbs (usually sage) and burning it to release magical cleansing smoke that vanquishes darkness from your life, space, mind, etc. This practice has literally been alive as long as there has been bad energy to get rid of. It's made a resurgence in the past few years because, well, it’s awesome and very effective, if I do say so myself!

Click through for the full guide!

22 July 2014

light | dark

Kill City Blazer, Bailey 44 Top

In darkness you can always find light.
I ask the universe for love and kindness and promise to show the same love and kindness to everything in the universe at least three times a day. It constantly crosses my mind and is a great mental pick-me-up whenever I'm not having the greatest day. I am very much aware of negativity in the spaces I am in, and like to deflect this negativity by visualizing a golden light of positivity around me that keeps me safe from soul-sucking energies. I've been honing my skills to sniff out and snuff out the toxic people, relationships, and friendships in tangible and intangible spaces.

19 July 2014

sugar town

I remember when I was a teenager and would party all day and night, fall asleep with all my makeup on, eat McDonalds and feel totally fine. I've unfortunately lost my powers of invincibility as the years have gone by and at twenty one years old, I'm no longer a beacon of shining health. The upside however, is that I'm a lot more attuned with my body and what I need to do take care of it. I've suffered from eczema my entire life and have tried countless steroid cream treatments and antihistamine medications. They've always worked for short amount of time and then when I would stop using them, my skin would flare up with a vengeance. I finally put my foot down two years ago and swore off any chemicals, steroids, manmade treatments for my body because the body is a natural thing and if you give it the tools it needs to function, it should be able to heal itself and operate at optimum level. The only hurdle with this decision was figuring out what the right tools for my body were.