14 October 2014

dream girl in a dream world

Dreams aren't just fluffy, fleeting thoughts--they're real live living breathing entities that need to be fed and nurtured. They're hard to care for and the best ones make you the most uncomfortable, but I love to be uncomfortable. 

03 October 2014


Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow and is rolling in with a literal thunderstorm. I'm all about the cosmic spookiness though, it's a perfect complement to the pumpkin spice season.

23 September 2014

As Above, So Below

I know it's Tuesday but I'm still reminiscing on the amazing weekend I had. Click through the break to read some of the soul soothin' things I did that put me in a happy place for tonight's new moon.

19 September 2014


Heres a quick doodle I made on photoshop of two of my favorite looks from this season.
I had to acknowledge that punk as hell bloody tampon earring from Meadham Kirchoff; they are definitely filling the weird quota for SS 2015 and I fuckin' love it. 

16 September 2014

By The Pier

I've had kimonos sitting in my closet forever but I never really felt the urge to wear one until a year ago. I trace the point of origin to this past summer when I had to adapt my usual all black all leather everything outfits to match the California sun.