21 August 2014


Custom Ketchup Tee, Herschel Backpack

I've spent the last few days of my vacation winding down and settling into my new home in Brooklyn. I can't think of a better way to close a vacation than jumping on a trampolines with 4 year olds, listening to Asobi Seksu records, and eating roasted bone marrow for breakfast. I even had some time to obsessively pine over minimal industrial interiors and DIY pallet furniture! After being inspired by all the IKEA hacks I've scrolled past, I am seriously considering building a dining table with my own hands.

18 August 2014

Walk On The Moon

Whenever I get super busy, the minimalist in me awakens and I dress myself in nothing but black and white. I've also shed most of my jewels for the sake of functionality and I'm kind of loving it. The Bailey44 top I'm wearing is the perfect example of the type of minimal piece I love so much. It features zippers as side seams and a built in sports bra. Simple design, a monochromatic palate, and interesting silhouette are always a winning combination in my book. 

12 August 2014

Kimono Craze

This is my official goodbye to California until December and I want to say thank you to all of the wonderful souls that have made this summer the best one I've had in a long time. The first few weeks at home I wore nothing but black cotton and leather, the summer goth vibes were intense. But theres something about California livin' that just makes me wanna flip my hair and traipse around in brighter colors! 

08 August 2014

lavender playground

I've had my blonde tresses for nearly three years now. My hair has been bleached so much it's literally dyed/died and is now living comfortably in pastel heaven. I'm the type of girl who will walk into a salon and tell the stylist, "Do whatever you want," because the truth is, I'm not that attached to the literal strands of my hair! 

I'll even tell you a secret--I often daydream about one day shaving my entire head.

04 August 2014

It's just another Makeout monday

I think it's completely appropriate to kick off the week with making out in mind. It's the last stretch of summer and I dearly, deeply hope and wish that all of you have been spending your time making out with babes. Consider me your ultimate pro-kissing friend. Go on and have that dance floor make out! I'll be standing by with chapstick and mouthwash. Not literally, but really; kiss all the babes you know! Just as long as they want to kiss you too--because consent is always required. (Duh!)

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